Junior Guidance Sessions
Posted On:
Friday, December 04, 2015

Juniors have been meeting to discuss general information relating to ACT registration, financial aid, transcripts and GPA calculation, how to request letters of recommendation and recommendation forms, and to research colleges (location, cost, admission requirements, steps to application,...).  They have also been meeting to research scholarship opportunities (where they might be found, requirements, types of scholarships available, steps to application,...) which should be available to them their senior year.  Researching this information during the junior year is important in that it provides students with the information they will need to actually take the steps to apply to colleges and universities next year and to apply for scholarships.  The junior year should be the year for research and planning.  The senior year should be the year of action and application.

Information provided to juniors may be found on the JHS website under "Counseling & Career Services" then "Forms".

Information relating to college admissions counselors coming to JHS to meet with juniors may be found under "Counseling & Career Services" then "News".

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