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JSU Dual Enrollment/CORE Scholars New Student Application AND CORE Scholars Scholarship Information
Posted On:
Tuesday, March 28, 2017

"New" students who are planning to take dual enrollment through JSU during the 2017-18 school year (NEW students who have never applied to JSU's dual enrollment program) are reminded that the new student application opens on April 3.  Students new to the JSU dual enrollment program must take the following steps:

1.  Complete the new student dual enrollment (CORE Scholars) application on the JSU website.

2.  Complete the High School Authorization Form from the JSU website and turn this in to your guidance counselor.

3.  Return the completed last page of the JHS Dual Enrollment "Pink Packet" to your guidance counselor.

After these steps, you are waiting to be accepted by JSU.  Once you receive your acceptance to JSU, follow the directions provided by JSU for registering for dual enrollment courses and for making payment for courses.

Once you are registered for a dual enrollment course, you must provide your counselor with proof of your registration in the course.  This information must come from your JSU student account and must show your name, the course for which you are registered, and the semester for which you are registered.

At this time, your dual enrollment course will be put on your JHS schedule.

The scholarship application for Dual Enrollment/CORE Scholars opens on the JSU website on May 1.  Students interested in applying for this scholarship should do so through the JSU website.


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