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Alabama Courses of Study



ALEX:  Courses of study, lesson plans, and web resources aligned to Alabama Course of Study content standards.

COS:  Course of Study content standards from the Alabama State Department of Education.

ALEX:  Arts Education          COS:  Arts Education

ALEX:  Career/Technical Education          COS:  Career/Technical Education

ALEX:  Driver and Traffic Safety Education          COS:  Driver and Traffic Safety Education

ALEX:  English Language Arts          COS:   English Language Arts

ALEX:  Foreign Languages          COS:   Foreign Languages

ALEX:  Health Education          COS:   Health Education

ALEX:  Mathematics          COS:   Mathematics

ALEX:  Physical Education          COS:   Physical Education

ALEX:  Science          COS:   Science

ALEX:  Social Studies          COS:   Social Studies

ALEX:  Technology Education          COS:  Technology Education


ALEX:     Other Courses of Study:  Character Education, Counseling and Guidance, Information Literacy