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Enrollment Process

Admission Requests

Parent(s) or Guardian(s)/Custodian(s) should provide the following information to the local school:

  1. Proof of Immunization
  2. Social Security Number**
  3. Two Proofs of Legal Residence:

One from the following*:

  • Home Ownership Title
  • Deed to Property
  • Property Tax Notice
  • Lease Agreement

AND one from any of the following*:

Current power, gas, water/sewer, phone, or cable bill

*Notarized statements may NOT be used to establish a legal residence

  1. Transcript of grades or recent report card

(The enrolling school may contact the former school for grade placement.)

  1. Birth Certificate

(A birth certificate is requested for age verification in grades K-1 but is required for AHSAA participation grades 7-12)

  1. Completed Enrollment/Transfer Forms (Located at school).


PLEASE NOTE: Students who are currently suspended or expelled from their previous school may NOT enroll. The Superintendent may approve out of district enrollments if:

* The parent/guardian owns a business or other business property within the city limits on which all local ad valorem school taxes are assessed and paid

* The parent is a full time employee of JSU, JCS, or the City of Jacksonville.

**Requested but not required

Guardianship or Custody Transfers to a person(s) in the school zone:
 The guardian/custodian of the child must provide the original copy of the court ordered decree transferring guardianship or custody. The order must be executed by the appropriate state court and probated. If the child is from out-of-state, the school will accept the court ordered decree from the court of jurisdiction over the child. Notarized statements from the legal guardians/custodians will NOT be accepted. Students must reside in zone with guardians/custodians the majority of the week.